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Bushcraft Trip

A few year 6’s went to Bushcraft for a 3 day trip, our time in the camp was very fun and we learnt new things there.

Day 1 arrival:

It was a half-hour ride to get to the parking lot itself. We were all so happy and really excited to go. When we arrived we were greeted by Hem and Emily, our camp leaders, we all went in a circle and did a number off, 1-19. Then all of us went to grab our big bags to put into a little shack were it will get dropped off into a little tent for us to grab. When we arrived we went into a yurt to play a gallery game. We had to “paint” a picture and sell it for a specific amount, and if it’s good enough we’ll be able to add it into the gallery. After a few rounds we got told the rules. After, we all got into our assigned tents, all the girls in one and all the boys in another. But three of the boys had a tent to themselves. We all got unpacked and headed back into the yurt.

We done a number off then went to learn how to do a fire. We done experiments on the different types of fired you can make. Then with all the information we got, we made a fire. Once we made the fire, we cooked a burger that we could have for our lunch. Once we finished we went back into the yurt.

We learnt camp songs: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Met an Alien, which was very catchy and very funny to learn. Then we went to play Predator in the area next to us. We played about two, three or four rounds, we headed back to the yurt, done a number off then went to build a shelter. We were in tribes, the people in Tribe 1 was: Lydia, Junior, Alfie, Kira, Anjali, Ellie, Keane, Lorry, Marcus. Tribe 2 was: Grace, Sam, Alex, Finlay, Rosie, Eva, Phoebe, Christopher, Hem, and Ajay. We all decorated it and we could sleep in it if it was stable enough. We went back to camp to have our dinner. We had spaghetti bolognaise. It was turning night and becoming cold; we got told rules for night and had hot chocolate and a brownie. Bed time was at 10pm and if we were too loud we would get a strike.

Day 2:

We got up really early, about half 5 in the morning, we spent each hour talking, getting tidy and playing games. When it was time to go outside, we brushed our teeth and then went into the yurt. For breakfast we had pancakes, fruit, maple syrup and lemon. Then we went to play some games, and know what we were doing next.

We learnt first aid in the forest and done the steps to our partner to see if we could save them during a dangerous time. When we all finished we went on a nature walk around the forest. We saw lorry running screaming “Plane crash!” We saw smoke coming from a little area, we also saw Mrs. Marshall on the wing and Mr. Conway on the window screen on the plane. We got them safe yet killed them in the meanwhile. It was a fun experience to save them both. We went back to the camp and got into our tribes. We then went to carry our tribe leaders from one shelter to the other. Tribe 2 lost and Tribe 1 won.

We then went to watch Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Conway cut open salmon while Alex, Jacob, Eva and Rosie had the fish eyes, all of them didn’t eat all of it yet tried something new. For dinner we had noodles, salmon and salad. We then also had Tribes got talent. We designed Tribe flags, tribe war paint and tribe acts. Our tribe, Tribe 2 won, also known as, Camo Tribe. We had flapjacks, roasted marshmallows, had 1 hour free time then finished it off with a story. In the morning we woke up, brushed our teeth, got ready then had a full English breakfast. Hash browns, sausages, bread, mushrooms and beans. Then we had a rice crispy cake for a snack.

We sang a few songs, played games, and then it was time to leave and go back home. It was a half an hour drive back to school.  We got our bags and then left, we all stunk of smoke from the fire. We were all excited to see our parents again.


By Grace