Head and Deputy Girls and Boys

I am very proud to be Head Boy in Year 6.  It’s an awesome feeling to have had people vote for myself to take on this role. I hope that all the other children in the school feel like they can come to me for help and support. I have spent 2 years working alongside, Sophie and Rohan at the Town Hall, South Shields for anti-bullying (Super Safety Squad).  I believe we should all be kind to one another and help each other if you’re feeling a little sad. Always have respect for each other.

Year 6 is going to be a challenging year working towards our SAT’s. I would like to make a difference being Head Boy in my final year at Whitburn Primary School.

I believe I have come a long way from when I first started Nursery. Nursery and Reception was extremely tough for me as the only way of communicating was by using sign language. Through sheer hard work and determination by Year 1 I was beginning to communicate. I had so much support from Mrs Benson, my Nursery and Reception teacher.

I believe this final year I can make a difference!

By Oliver


I like being Head Girl because I can help people (and if someone needs me I will always be there to help.) Being Head Girl makes me very happy and proud because I have been given the opportunity to represent the school, help other people and try to make the school a better place.

Here are some of my ideas to make the school a better place:


Kind hands and feet

NO BULLYS/Anti-bullying

No rough play

Being Head Girl is amazing

By Yvie


It’s amazing to be deputy head girl, I was so excited and I am very proud of myself. It was a very hard task as everyone was very good. I’m still surprised I won and am very excited about the future.

By Vanessa


I am proud to be deputy head boy because I want to help the school function in a better way and I want to be part of that. I’m grateful that the school chose me to be a big part of the school community.

By Zane