Head and Deputy Girls and Boys


My name is Jacob and I’m head boy at WVPS. I am very proud and happy that I was voted into this position. I feel like a firework ready to explode into colour. I am so very excited to start working with pupils, teachers and governors. I can’t wait to start leading things with my peers and taking part in events like Whitburn’s Got Talent.


Hi! My name is Lara and I am your new head girl. I feel honoured to have been voted by my class and the staff. It feels great to have this role, as well as working in Nursery; I love the kids and promise to try my hardest to help; them feel safe and happy in school for a good start to their education. Being head girl has been a dream of mine and I’m so happy to have achieved this. I know it’s a big responsibility but I’ll try my best to help everyone in every way. I am always here for children at WVPS to talk to. I am proud of all my class and how far we have come. Thank you.


Hello I’m Jack, your new deputy head boy. I was elected by the year 5/6 class and the staff. I promise to follow all of my responsibilities and be a good role model by being sensible. My friends and family are very happy I got the role.


Hi, I’m Jessica, your new deputy head girl. I feel so happy that my class voted for me. I have always wanted a special role in school. I can’t wait to start my job. It is the best thing that has happened to me in school.