Year 4 were very lucky to be chosen to take part in the Music Outreach Concert at Durham Cathedral last week.
At the Cathedral we had lots of fun but we also found it quite creepy because of the big door, dark halls and many graves. We visited the Cathedral to sing with many other schools and the choristers, it was lots of fun. The hole day was exciting and we even had a fun lunchtime.
There were many historic things to see, we even saw a stone carving of Queen Elizabeth’s arms however we were not allowed to touch. There was also a large table i the main room which again we were not allowed to touch.
Nicholas Burden
When we went to the Cathedral we saw many strange things like; stain glass windows and different flags from different countries it was amazing. However the best thing was singing, it was really fun. We sang with many different schools and we sounded beautiful. We were even allowed in places most visitors couldn’t enter it was as if we were V.I.P’s, I loved it!
Sophie Buzzard