Year 1’s visit to Beamish


What an amazing time we all had at Beamish!

At the beginning of the day, we were transported back in time 100 years and learnt about the Penny Farthing and the tram. The children enjoyed finding out about the conductor’s job and each collected their own ticket so they could ride the tram. I think their favourite part was pressing the bell to warn other people the tram was about to set off! We were then sent back another hundred years and found out about how the steam train works and how horses were used as transport.


Next was the sweet shop, lots to choose from and lots of surprised children when they couldn’t find any Haribo!!  Just as a reminder of what happens if you eat too many sweets, we visited the dentist. The children enjoyed looking at all of the different tools and listening to the different ways the dentist could pull a tooth out.


After dinner, we travelled by bus to the mine where I was very impressed with how brave the children were going underground in the dark. We all agreed we wouldn’t have liked to work down the mine! To end our day we visited the school. The children tried to write in their best handwriting using the slate but all found this quite tricky. We found out about the cane and decided we like Whitburn Primary more than Beamish Primary!

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